Kids becoming adults

1:19 Jeremy shares his story about overcoming cancer and pain

1:50 God makes good out of everything we go through 

3:23 God is with us in it all

4:40 Overcoming and seeing miracles takes place 

5:56 Encouraging young people all around the world 

7:43 Coming of age events

8:22 Sixteen is a transitional age for kids becoming adults 

8:59 Gaining more responsibility 

9:40 Our kids need to know that they have what it takes 

10:00 Passing on the baton

10:35 Connecting and protecting 

11:54 Having people come alongside our kids as they step into adulthood 

13:32 Blessings and words of promise and destiny 

14:39 Get a mentor! 

15:24 Resources to do a coming of age event 

-for men and women 

17:23 When our kids know how God sees them and how others see them they begin to excel 

18:07 Inviting our older kids to begin living as an adult 

18:38 Jeremy introduces his group coaching (click the connect button)

20:05 Prayer of blessing