How kids learn: love and logic (special guest: Kim Cross)

00:40 Kim Cross introduces herself and how she got started with her parenting trusting (re-think parenting)

2:11 Began training teachers, parents, and school executives 

2:38 Been a parenting coach for 35 years 

3:11 How do kids learn and how do they not learn?

3:40 3 ways lids learn

1. Example (through us as parents)

2. Experience (learning from mistakes)

3. Empathy with consequences 

7:42 What hinders them from learning?

8:20 If your kids aren’t in learning mode they are in flight or fight mode 

9:38 What happens if you aren’t hard on your kids? 

11:00 What are some phrases that parents can use when discipline their kids? 

-Respond don’t react

11:56 Delay the consequence to think it over

12:12 The more words you use the less effective you are 

13:13 What is the goal of of disciplining our kids? 

17:02 How can people grow from what you do?