Intentionality with Special Guest (Ebie Hepworth)

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00:51 Meet Ebie!

2:15 Why is it important to be intentional with our families? 

3:15 Pursuing each child’s heart.

4:30 Creating connections with our kids so that trust and connection is built.

4:53 How do you pursue your kids on the day to day? 

5:40 Learning to include our kids rather than being annoyed that they are around.

7:21 Modeling what a life of worship looks like to our kids.

8:40 Times for open communication. 

9:25 How do you meet your kids love languages? 

9:39 Learning to play with our kids. 

9:58 Devotion over distraction. 

12:15 What is the result when you spend intentional time with your kids?

14:31 Attitudes and behaviors are drastically different when needs are met. 

16:13 Teaching kids what it looks like to be intentional together.

17:12 Prayer of impartation and blessing

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