Teaching Your Kids To Hear God's voice

Show Notes”

1:05 Often God’s speaks through his whisper 

2:05 We are all growing in hearing His voice

2:45 “What would Jesus say if he was present in the room?”

3:40 You will begin hearing of people’s original design

4:45 Causing your kids to build up others

5:25 Atmosphere is everything 

6:30 Times of worship

7:50 Meditating on God’s word

9:25 Our kids need to see us worship God

10:40 John 14

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Gaining God's Heart For Parenting

Show notes:

00:42 Understanding God’s heart towards us and letting that shape us 

1:18 God isn’t looking to punish you

1:59 God’s correction is always kind and loving 

2:39 God doesn’t have negative thoughts towards us

3:19 Learning to see our kids rightly 

3:46 God isn’t disappointed in you

5:22 Calling forth who our kids really are and speaking identity over them 

6:33 God’s love doesn’t run out 

7:19 We can’t motivate our kids by fear 

8:30 God longs to lead you

9:00 Prayer of impartation

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Navigating Change (Guest Interview Joel Ryman)

1:00 The story behind these two lovebirds

1:35 Gates of hope- the ministry they run

2:00 What changes happen with kids 

3:05 Sleep deprivation leads to unresolved anger

4:30 Recognizing it and submitting it to God 

6:05 Relationship in the marriage changes

7:00 Learning to intentionally date each other

8:00 How to cultivate prayer. Practicing the presence of God

9:15 Practicing gratitude 

11:00 Cultivating vision as a parent 

13:00 We need you God, reaching to Him

14:00 Prayer of impartation

Meant for More (Guest interview with Charity Majors)

1:09 Meet Charity Majors

2:31 How to pursue your dreams while still being a mama

5:21 How to balance being a wife, mom, and pursuing your dreams

8:00 How to reject the status quo and receive Gods truth

10:41 How to activate and begin taking action on your dreams and goals

17:30 Empowerment poem “A call to the light bearers”

Her website, book, and coaching here: https://www.charitymajors.com/

Assess Address Align

As parents its important we learn how to ASSESS what is going on in our children's lives, ADDRESS what has happened and ALIGN them to their destiny.

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Our Ceiling is Their Floor (Guest Interview Kelli Kinney)

Our ceiling is their floor.

Intro generosity and missions. 


How did you involve your kids in missions?


How do families become missions daily? 


How do your kids respond?


Prayer of impartation.


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Kids Aren't Inherently Disobedient

Show notes

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0:40 Telling kids not to do something so that they won’t do it

1:07 “Our kids desire to do what we don’t want them to do.”

2:10 Kids just don’t want to obey their parents 

3:05 Connected through relationship 

4:05 Disconnected children

4:43 Teaching them what they can do 

5:35 Empowering through choices

7:12 Treating them according to the heart of God 

9:45 You can do it!

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How to be on the same page with your spouse

Show Notes

1:10 Pray for your spouse first and foremost

2:20 Discuss how you want to discipline

3:10 Consistency between parents

4:25 Teaching your kids to honor the other parents words

5:23 Contradicting one another confuses the child.

6:50 Address disagreements apart from your kids.

7:30 Romantic dates and planning dates

9:50 Free course: https://raisingourchampions.thinkific.com

4 Signs of a Healthy Family

4 Signs of a Healthy Family

Show notes

1. Everyone feels know (:40)

1:00 Dismissing emotions.

1:40 No one has to hide

2. Everyone knows they have a voice (2:00)

2:30 “You have a powerful voice”

3:00 Modeled as parents

3. No pain is hidden

4:00 “ Into-me-you-see”

4:55 “Never afraid to come home with their pain”

5:45 Negative choices come from pain

4. Love is abounding 6:30

Philippians 1:9-10

7:10 Love is how we reveal Christ in our homes.

8:10 Individual experiences of love

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Caitlyn's Supernatural Birth Stories

We hope you are inspired by this episode. This to can be your story. Please email Caitlyn@doerksenlife.com so we can be praying for your pregnancy.

Show notes

1:00 19 and Pregnant

1:10 The invitation for supernatural birth

1:50 “you don’t have to be in pain when you give birth”

2:15 Super natural child birth book


2:45 Choosing peace leaves behind fear

3:33 Feeling naive vs Trusting God

4:22 Baby by 5

5:00 Dilated to a 7

5:25 Fear in delivery

6:00 The 3 push prayer

6:44 Her middle name shall be Joy

7:30 Baby girl confirmation

8:30 Prophetic words about joy

9:30 9 days past her due date!

11:00 Here comes Gemma

11:25 1,2,3 here she is!!!

11:50 This can be your story!

12:40 This is His idea

13:00 Prayer of importation

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Meet the Doerksen's

Have Fun listening to our story of how we fell in love and hear where this podcast is headed!

0 :45 Meeting in Ecuador

2:00 Water bottle spill

2:50 Caitlyn falls in love

3:45 Missionary in distress

4:30 The 3 gun yielding Dads

5:30 Surprise ruined

6:00 Time to propose

6:40 I love you (awk)

7:30 8 months in we got prego with Selah

8:00 Gemma joy baby #2

8:30 Vision for the future of the podcast

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