Does your church & community desire to dive deeper into all that God has for families? If so, let us join you for a time of equipping, activation, and freedom.

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Brandon and Caitlyn Doerksen have had the privilege to speak at 60+ different churches, camps, and events over the last several years in ministry.

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Brandon Doerksen:

During 2012-2015 Brandon served as a missionary in Ecuador where his life was transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit. Since the birth of his first daughter God marked his heart with the message of “healthy family”. 

Brandon is a passionate communicator of the gospel. He burns with a deep desire for people to know their identity in Christ and to allow that reality to permeate everything about their life.

Brandon has traveled and spoken at 60+ churches and events over the last 4 years and has a desire to see families in the church healed, whole, and equipped to raise their kids to change the world.

“The biggest lie of the enemy towards a believer is that there is any space between you and God. He has made His holy dwelling within your body.” -Brandon Doerksen


Caitlyn Doerksen:

Caitlyn’s life communicates a clear message to the world that God is her Father. She is a gentle but fierce leader, determined to see a task to fruition. Caitlyn wins the invisible battle against the enemy when no one is looking. 

Her mother heart is communicated and imparted to 1,000’s of mom’s everyday via social media as she shares the message of what it means to truly become a “Happy Mama”.

Caitlyn has a passion to see parents step out of defeat, burnout, and chaos and into all that God has in store for their families. She has seen what God can do in her own children and knows that it is possible for families to not just survive, but to thrive!

“Discipline doesn’t provoke our kids to anger, it promotes our kids into their identities. Rather than punishing them for wrong choices and mistakes we need to discipline them by promoting them into who they really are.”  -Caitlyn Doerksen

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