What to do after you yell?

It’s a lot more simple than you may realize.

You apologize. 

Yes, it really is that easy.

It doesn’t matter if you yelled at your 6 month old, 6 year old, or 16 year old. Get to their level, meet them wherever they are, and apologize.

Things to consider after you yell:

1. Mean it when you say sorry.

Don’t just say sorry because you know that’s what you’re supposed to do. Really take time to reflect, process, and then address things. Your kids will be able to see straight through you if they know you are faking it. Mean what you say when you say it. Let the apology flow from your heart. 

This will also show your children what they are to do when they apologize to you and others. 

2. Tell them why you are sorry.

People long to feel understood, especially when they feel hurt by your actions. Let your kids know why what you did was wrong and acknowledge how that could have made them feel. Apologize from that place. 

3. Ask them to truly forgive you and restore the standard.

When true forgiveness is offered it completely restores the standard. This means your kids can’t hold this situation over your head anymore. It also means that you don’t need to live in the past regretting that choice you made. Let yourself walk in the freedom of forgiveness.