3 things to do instead of watching TV

Are you tired of feeling like TV, Netflix, and video games is your only hobby? Do you want your kids to unplug from technology and get creative?

As a family we don’t own a TV in our home. Meaning we don’t want shows, movies, or play video games. This might sound rather intense and somewhat crazy to people. We have found it to be the most refreshing and enjoyable decision we could have made as a family. What do we do instead?

1. Talk more

As newlyweds people would come over to our house and find that we didn’t have a TV and get confused at what we did together every evening. It’s been simple since the beginning; we just talk. How often do marriages fall apart because there isn't the joy of knowing each other and having fun with one another? When you learn to spend time with the one you love talking you will see a beautiful friendship blossom with your spouse. 

This is relatable as a family too. When the TV is turned off for a few nights of the week (or for good if you want to try it for a season) your family will get to know each other a lot quicker and better. You’ll have time to engage, play, and connect with your children. Your relationship with your kids will be strengthened. There will be a new connection that grows from a place of learning to talk more. It’s all about plugging into the right sources. Relationships are more valuable than entertainment. 

2. Play around 

There is a constant flow of demands coming at us everyday. It can be tiring, overwhelming, and draining. You need time to play! Play isn’t just for children, you need it as an adult too.

Take time each week to get outside, play a board game with the kids, go for a walk as a family, or eat dinner at the park. Get some fresh air and a change of pace to your normal day. What are your hobbies? Do you like reading, biking, walking, shopping, catching up with friends? Make sure these thing are added to your schedule. When TV/technology isn’t the only way you take a break from work and the demands of life you will find more time to do the other things you enjoy

3. Worship and pray

A lot of people will say that they want to pray and worship daily but simply can’t find the time. Do you find yourself in this dilemma? What if TV/technolgy wasn’t a routine but worship was instead

You could come home from work, eat dinner as a family, and turned on some music to engage with Jesus. This is doable. It’s actually what our family does most every evening. It’s different than what culture does, but it’s better. Entertainment isn’t bad, but it isn't the priority and its not to be replaced with time with Jesus