Your daughter isn't sassy

Your daughter isn’t sassy.

She’s lively, creative, bubbly, and full of life. 

The nickname sassy is often used when referring to our daughters who are full of attitude. We call them sassy almost as a joke. You’re so sassy.  We think it’s a funny name until they start acting sassy. When the attitude comes out we discipline them for it. Didn’t we just affirm over them moments earlier that they were sassy? Aren’t we speaking over their identity that they are full of attitude? 

It’s confusing. In one moment you label your child as sassy and then in the next you discipline and scold them for being the very thing you just called them.

What if that isn’t how God speaks about them? What if He uses words like lively, and bubbly. What if we partnered with their identity rather than their flaws?

If they show attitude (which they will) discipline with love. But don’t affirm behaviors by giving your children nicknames that you don’t like. Sassy, stubborn, snotty, whiny, etc. 

That isn’t who they are, and those things aren’t qualities they were created to have. Pull out the gold and speak life over them. Watch behaviors change as your words do.