It's okay to apologize.

We need to be willing to apologize as parents. We need to be okay with saying sorry when we mess up.

Often times as parents we believe the lie that if we let our kids know that we made a mistake then they won’t respect us. We think that if we raise our voice at them because we are stressed out and overwhelmed and later regret that decision but choose to apologize then our kids will run all over us. We think they’ll take advantage of us knowing we are weak and we make mistakes too. That’s just a silly belief system to live under.

Your kids will only respect you more when you’re willing to own up to your mistakes and apologize. You might think you don’t owe your kids an apology because you’re the parent. Don’t be surprised if your kids don’t feel like they owe you apologies later on. You will have taught them well.

When you’re vulnerable they will be vulnerable. When you respect them, they will respect you. When you apologize for the ways you wrong them, they will apologize when they wrong you.

You set the standard and the culture of your home. It’s a lifelong game of follow the leader.

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