I am two. I'm not terrible. I need a hug.

We can’t expect our toddlers to think and behave as adults. They are toddlers. It’s silly to believe that they could and should process life the same ways we do. No they aren’t going to understand everything clearly right away. They need to be taught. They need a loving and gentle teacher to lead them into adulthood. They don’t need outrageous expectations, they need guidance. 


I find that adults often act like toddlers while trying to get their toddlers to act like adults. 


You can raise your voice and throw an adult fit all you want but your toddler is only going to learn how to throw a bigger and better tantrum like mom and dad next time. They aren’t going to receive help for the future in between shouts and outbursts of anger and frustration. 


Have patience with them. They are only children still.