My birth story with Gemma Joy.

Both pregnancies and deliveries I held onto some very key promises that God had given me. I was praying for a supernatural birth. A birth where at the end of it all, I could look back and say “only God.”

That is exactly what God gifted me with.

After Selah’s birth I told God I only wanted three pushes with my next child. One, two, three and then I wanted to hold my baby in my arms. When I found out I was pregnant with Gemma I continued declaring that my birth would be pain free and fast. Full of peace and beauty. My contractions with Selah were so peaceful that I didn’t even know I was in active labor. God is so good! I wanted this with my second birth and even more.

This time around I was a week and two days late with Gemma but those nine days God had a purpose. He was fulfilling His promise that He gave me. For nine days my body continually had contractions. This might sound exhausting but the contractions were completely pain free. It was an emotional rollercoaster of course because no mama wants to wait an extra nine days to hold their prize. In the end God was preparing my body effortlessly to have the delivery I wanted.

When Gemma came she came quick. I was laying in bed having contractions that I thought would pass away like the others had days previously and then before I knew it I was on all fours pushing out my girl. She came out before I had time to even process what I was doing! It was all so quick and perfect! Three pushes and my angel came into the world.

God is a promise maker and a promise keeper. He gave me a vision for my birth and then He came through to make it happen. He is the God of the impossible and a good and faithful Dad!

With Selah He told me she would be born on the fifth. She was born March 5th at 5am. With Gemma He told me I’d push three times and that’s exactly what happened. Both pregnancies and deliveries I look back on with wonder and amazement at my God.

What promises are you clinging to? What has God given you a dream and a vision for? I pray you are encouraged today that He will come through.