Choosing life in everything we speak.

Everyone always told me it would be hard. That I’d get tired. That they’d eventually enter a terrible phase. That in middle school I’d have too much sass and stubbornness to handle. That when they were in high school I’d probably wish I didn’t have them. Everyone prepared me for how miserable having kids would be.

I didn’t hear much about how amazing, exciting, beautiful, and joyful every bit of the process would be.

In our culture it’s become easy and normal to tear apart all the phases of a child with negative declarations. Sometimes they are said sarcastically, and sometimes seriously. But our words either produce life or death wether they are said flippantly or not.

Even on my most difficult days I’ve never found any of those things spoken to me to be true. I know I don’t have middle schoolers or teenagers yet, but I’m believing that simply because I’ve chosen to only speak life that my experience will be one of pure beauty. Not that I think my girls will be perfect. I just believe that by only allowing thoughts God has on His mind for them to be on my mind will change EVERYTHING.